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About Soul Writing

Soul Writing starts from the self. If we have language, we can all write story. Soul Writers learn how to access the imagination using meditation techniques that open the intuition and allow the writer to enter into the stillness required for story to flow.

Muriel Rukeyser said, “the universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Each shift in human consciousness is accompanied by new stories.

Soul writers learn to tune into their five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste) as well as the sixth sense of the intuition to write engaging and compelling story that connects us to each other, to the universe – and most importantly to ourselves.

Story navigates the Corridors of the Soul

Writers of all levels can benefit from Soul Writing Workshops. Beginners who have never written a story before will experience how easy it is to tap into their imagination and put those ideas on the page. Professional writers experiencing “writers’ block” find the same techniques help to get the writing process flowing again.


Silence Dawns the Soul’s Story

The state of the brain in meditation is very close to the state when a writer is “in flow.” From that still place it is easier to access the intuition and the imagination, both of which we require to write. The imagination creates and the intuition guides our creative decisions. Soul Writers learn how to listen to their intuition and trust its quiet guidance as well as how to allow the imagination the freedom to create without judgment. We learn to write with confidence the story or poem that wants to be written.


Here’s what people have said about Soul Writing:

‘My whole creative side has started to be reignited from attending the Soul Writing workshop.’
Jane Rist

‘I loved the Soul Writing Workshop and got so much from it. Sarah gently and expertly guided us through meditation to a place deep inside where the ideas and words flowed – and haven’t stopped flowing since!’
Siobhan Curham, Novelist

‘WOW… where to begin.  Sarah facilitates the most incredible ‘soul writing’ workshops.  For me, this is so much more than a creative writing workshop (and it is that also, such a fun one too)!  It’s an exercise in re-aligning the cognitive and creative parts of the brain.  I’m still blown away at how it reached the deepest parts of my soul.  For me, this is a form of very transformative therapy, based around creative writing.’
Caz McDonagh, Cranio Sacral Therapist

 ‘Sarah’s deeply intuitive and sensitive approach to our one-to-one Soul Writing session took me to a depth within myself I had never been able to truly express. I came with a nagging sense that there was more to my songwriting I wasn’t quite tapping in to; an important part of myself I was holding back in some way. Through a series of meditations, Sarah took me on an incredible journey in which we were able dive right to the core of this suppressed feeling, exploring all it had to say. I left feeling liberated, powerful and not only aware of my purpose as a songwriter, but as a person also. I can truly say this experience is a real milestone in my soul development that I will take with me and integrate in to the rest of my creative career.’

Alyss, Singer Songwriter 


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