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Hi, I’m Sarah and I developed the Soul Writing Method when I had a brain injury and could no longer write fiction. Here’s some more about my journey.

Soul Writing starts from the self. If we have language, we can all write story. Soul Writers learn how to access the imagination using meditation techniques that open the intuition and allow the writer to enter into the stillness required for story to flow.

Muriel Rukeyser said, “the universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Each shift in human consciousness is accompanied by new stories.

Soul writers learn to tune into their five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste) as well as the sixth sense of the intuition to write engaging and compelling story that connects us to each other, to the universe – and most importantly to ourselves.

Story navigates the Corridors of the Soul

Writers of all levels can benefit from Soul Writing Workshops. Beginners who have never written a story before will experience how easy it is to tap into their imagination and put those ideas on the page. Professional writers experiencing “writers’ block” find the same techniques help to get the writing process flowing again.

Meditation techniques and creative writing techniques are combined to help writers.

Soul Writing has helped writers of fiction, non-fiction, singer song-writers and people who would like to journal to know themselves better, as well as bloggers, vloggers, travel writers and poets.

Silence Dawns the Soul’s Story

The state of the brain in meditation is very close to the state when a writer is “in flow.” From that still place it is easier to access the intuition and the imagination, both of which we require to write. The imagination creates and the intuition guides our creative decisions. Soul Writers learn how to listen to their intuition and trust its quiet guidance as well as how to allow the imagination the freedom to create without judgment. We learn to write with confidence the story or poem that wants to be written.


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Here’s what clients have said about the 6-Week Soul Writing Course:


Exhilarating, effortless and exciting! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this amazing tool, Soul Creative Writing, which I can use anywhere and anytime. The process has helped me relax and trust in my creative self and sidestep the ever so opinionated critical left brain! I am well on my way to completing a book I have been laboring to write for the past two years. Now my fingers are flying on the keyboard. Thanks again! 

Overall Impression/ Experience: Amazing. 

Helen, Acupuncture Practitioner & Author


Soul writing is MORE than just expressing our authentic voice in writing. It helps us to express our authentic voice in all aspects in our life. It spills over, the desire to be our true self, and what comes up in the Soul writing is really a reflection of our inner journey and transformation happening within. I highly recommend this 6-week foundation course to anyone who feels drawn to writing, and most importantly, who wants to express their authenticity and step into the power of living their inner truth. 

Overall Impression/ Experience: LOVE IT

Tania, Founder of Museflower Spa & Intuitive Soul Guide


It has been a desire of mine to write for a while. I have not known what to write about or where to start. Sarah’s 6 weeks course was great for encouraging and showing me that I have a voice. Before this course I felt that writing was something outside of me, something to be tackled, found and controlled somehow. I had not yet experienced freedom on the page. Through thoughtfully designed methods of visual meditation and writing exercises, Sarah guides you to locate what is within us all, a voice of our own. It was at times an emotive experience, sometimes challenging, also very beautiful. As a group we had the opportunity to share out work and be heard, then hear the work of others in return. None of us wanted it to end. 

Leigh, Acupuncturist 


AMAZING! Very enjoyable way to learn a new skillset. 

Maren, Fashion Advisor & Intuitive Lightworker

Here’s what people have said about Soul Writing Workshops:

‘My whole creative side has started to be reignited from attending the Soul Writing workshop.’
Jane Rist

‘I loved the Soul Writing Workshop and got so much from it. Sarah gently and expertly guided us through meditation to a place deep inside where the ideas and words flowed – and haven’t stopped flowing since!’
Siobhan Curham, Novelist

‘WOW… where to begin.  Sarah facilitates the most incredible ‘soul writing’ workshops.  For me, this is so much more than a creative writing workshop (and it is that also, such a fun one too)!  It’s an exercise in re-aligning the cognitive and creative parts of the brain.  I’m still blown away at how it reached the deepest parts of my soul.  For me, this is a form of very transformative therapy, based around creative writing.’
Caz McDonagh, Cranio Sacral Therapist

 ‘Sarah’s deeply intuitive and sensitive approach to our one-to-one Soul Writing session took me to a depth within myself I had never been able to truly express. I came with a nagging sense that there was more to my songwriting I wasn’t quite tapping in to; an important part of myself I was holding back in some way. Through a series of meditations, Sarah took me on an incredible journey in which we were able dive right to the core of this suppressed feeling, exploring all it had to say. I left feeling liberated, powerful and not only aware of my purpose as a songwriter, but as a person also. I can truly say this experience is a real milestone in my soul development that I will take with me and integrate in to the rest of my creative career.’

Alyss, Singer Songwriter 

‘I cannot recommend a Soul Writing session with Sarah more! She creates a space that is warm, professional and safe. This is so important when taking a journey within in search of your inner gold. What I liked about her unique style is that you are doing the journey yourself and presenting what lays within to your conscious mind. Sarah’s interpretations of what you find are so clear and apt. She doesn’t just stick to a formula, she moves with where the session leads. What came up was very unexpected in some ways and in others it was the wisdom I knew was there all along. It was a truly personal and unlocking experience. Since the session I have been urged to write more everyday and have seen and felt huge shifts in my outer and inner worlds.’

Síofra Lamb – Singer Songwriter

‘What Soul Writing means to me: It’s a medium of connection to your heart. Writing along the unique beats of your chest. This experience allowed me to lighten my creation process, because I now know that I’m never far from myself. Our journey together allowed me to find the frame in which I can create (speak), truthfully. It gave me permission to shine, at any desired time. I now have the key to the gate.
Thank you Sarah for giving access to my personal garden.’

Camille de Repentigny, Singer Songwriter

‘I was interested in taking part in a soul writing workshop, without knowing what to expect. I had a profound feeling that it would effect more than my writing, but my sense of self, and in turn, my whole life. And it did. Through guided meditation I have learnt how to tune into my soul, to ask questions and listen to the reply. To ask my soul for guidance. I am able to write from my heart, with a beautiful freedom I have never experienced before. Sarah lead the workshop with a calm and gentle strength, that carried the group together on a life enhancing journey of exploration and resolution. She has a generous and open heart, caring for each member of the group, always happy to adapt the workshop to accommodate the varying needs of different participants. The workshops are intense and extraordinarily powerful, but I felt safe and held at all times. I have new found peace of mind, with the knowledge I can now tune into my soul, to aid my writing and for a deeper understanding of myself and my life.’
Natalie Graham, Writer

Here’s what people have said about Museflower Soul Bliss Writing Retreat:

‘I went to the Soul Writing Retreat at Museflower in Chiang Rai Thailand this last week. I knew this course was for creative writing, but I went for a different reason: I was hoping to reach deeper into my soul when journaling for myself. Not only did I get that instruction, but Sarah helped me manifest the beginnings of a book that I just thought was a wish/dream/fantasy. She has such a gentle way of guiding your spirit, using meditation, creative drawing, and tapping into your five senses (there is a sixth sense too! She’ll tell you all about it!) The retreat was a beautiful gift coming from a really beautiful person. I gained so much more than I thought I could and this experience with Sarah (and Tania, Museflower Spa founder) has ushered in a new way of thinking of what I can accomplish and how to tap into my soul to achieve it. Thank you Sarah and Tania! I am forever grateful to have shared this experience with you both!’
Jennifer Ophir, New York City (Soul Bliss Retreat 2017 guest)

‘Really meaningful. Enjoyed writing as it helped me realise I can be creative. The group set up was a highlight to connect with like-minded people.’
Stephanie, Hong Kong (Soul Bliss Retreat 2018 guest)

‘Enjoyed it! It was different and unique.
Now I can go to my sacred writing space, call on my soul writing guides and ask for guidance.’
Chami, Bangkok (Soul Bliss Retreat 2018 guest) 

‘I would definitely recommend it! I have had a great experience!
It has been intense and challenging but a journey into intuition and self discovery. Thank you so much, so grateful!’
Emily, UK (Soul Bliss Retreat 2018 guest) 

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