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 The “Soul Writing” logo is hand-drawn (digitised by designer Cristina Vanza). I drew the logo on retreat in Thailand in January 2017. I’ve been delivering and developing  “Soul Writing” techniques for some years and wanted a logo that demonstrated the following things:

  1. “Soul Writing” courses are guided by the intuition
  2. Everyone who has language can write
  3. We all have a unique story our souls wish to express (whether to ourselves, to a small group, or to the world)

As I was on wifi & digital detox, I tuned into my intuition and started to draw. At first I thought that this logo was too infantile. After years working in a corporate environment where companies spend millions of dollars developing brands and logos, I thought it too basic.

I changed my mind when a friend who is a hand-writing expert, Manuela Gonzalez sent me her latest eBook which consolidates a lifetime of wisdom about how human brains respond to images. In it she advises that one’s own handwriting is exactly what engages people as it is unique and personal. And so it was decided. I informed Digital Design Consultant, Cristina Vanza that this was the logo I’d decided to use and here it is.

Again I am reminded to trust my intuition.

Love and Gratitude to everyone at Museflower, Cristina Vanza and Manuela Gonzalez.

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  1. I was interested to read how you realised your logo for Soul Writing. In this era of writing online, on a computer, with voice input, etc., it makes one wonder if handwriting is dead. But I still use pen and paper – I find it helps me formulate ideas better.

    Let’s face it, handwriting specialists need handwriting.

    look forward to your future blogs…

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