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Soul Writing Summer Workshop

Soul Guide – Sophia. Oil on canvas by Sarah Walton, 2004

I was deeply honoured to facilitate the Soul Writing Summer workshop this month. We were a group of five Soul Writers. Here’s what participants said about it:

‘I loved the Soul Writing Workshop and got so much from it. Sarah gently and expertly guided us through meditation to a place deep inside where the ideas and words flowed – and haven’t stopped flowing since!’
Siobhan Curham, Novelist

‘My whole creative side has started to be reignited from attending the Soul Writing workshop.’
Jane Rist

‘WOW… where to begin.  Sarah facilitates the most incredible ‘soul writing’ workshops.  For me, this is so much more than a creative writing workshop (and it is that also, such a fun one too)!  It’s an exercise in re-aligning the cognitive and creative parts of the brain.  I’m still blown away at how it reached the deepest parts of my soul.  For me, this is a form of very transformative therapy, based around creative writing.’
Caz McDonagh, Cranio Sacral Therapist

I’m intrigued to find out where Soul Writer stories take their characters next – up the Ganges from a busy train platform, from Brighton to Spain; back from the edge of Seven Sisters cliffs and into anonymity; will the shape-shifting soul guide exorcise the wild bitchy witchy? All enchanting and intriguing beginnings.

We worked hard and covered a lot of ground in a short space of time – and time is not linear in the inner world. 

Soul Writing Tools & Soul Story Inspiration – a summary of what we did:

1 – Breathing technique to still the mind and connect to your intuition.

2 – Your Soul Story Intention. Pin what you wrote for the first Soul Writing Meditation Exercise on your fridge, or next to your bed to remind yourself of the inspiration and vibration of your story. Return to it when you want to reignite your drive to write this story.

3 – Your Imagination’s Safe Place – you can return here whenever you want to seek new guidance, ideas, solve writing problems or just hang out with your imagination and play.

4 – Soul Writing Guide – get to know your guide and ask them to help you whenever want help with your writing.

Now you have the tools, you can revisit and develop the plot elements we captured in the last exercise. Get to know your character, explore the location at the beginning of your stories. I very much hope you enjoyed exploring your unique imaginations and develop your stories further.

Soul Gratitude,
Sarah X

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