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Sing your Soul Story

Sawatdee Soul Writers,

This post is about singing your Soul Story and at the end is an exercise for aspiring singer songwriters.

This month I am in Thailand to deliver Soul Writing workshops and retreats at Chiang Mai Writers Group and in Chiang Rai’s Museflower Spa.

Having been lucky to have had a classical education, the knowledge that the history of story in Western traditions was passed down from singer to singer via the medium of song is an idea I grew up with. Mary Renault beautifully documents the passing down of the technique of casting story to memory in The Praise Singer – the story of the great lyric poet Simonides. Mary Renault brings alive a time in Greece when poetry, music, and royal patronage combined.

So it came naturally when a music industry friend asked if I could help a successful singer songwriter. I’d never worked with singers before, but without hesitation I said yes. It was a beautiful experience to take a professional and enchanting singer into depths of herself she had not experienced before, to throw off the messages that the music industry, music publishers, her manager had drilled into her and facilitate her to access her inner world and unleash her inner voice. The results were astonishing. The lyrics flowed out of her – but more importantly, the source of her song was a place that felt strong and aligned to what she wished to express in the manner she wanted to express it. As those words came from the soul, that unique part of us that drives us to create, they carried with them a power to speak their truth to other souls.

Since August I’ve supported several singer song writers to access their inner voice, their soul voice using Soul Writing techniques.

This work is always deeply moving for me and to support young singer songwriters is an honour. I look forward to their successes and hearing those songs live on stage sung by those powerful, beautiful and fearless women.

Soul Writing is for the brave and it is not easy for some of us to overcome the resistance and venture beyond our fears to allow our souls to sing.

Well done to all of you and thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

A tip  for aspiring Soul Writing Singers: 

Do this exercise standing in the middle of a room with eyes closed. Imagine the concert room or theatre – note the details of the environment – the seats, the lighting shining on you, the temperature of the room.

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself centre stage, an audience waiting for your first note. 

Breathe slowly and feel the ground beneath your feet support you. 

Ground yourself in this moment and imagine the excitement and nerves transform to embrace the moment. 

Feel the solidity of your stance, strong like a warrior, legs apart, weight equally spread on both feet planted into the ground. 

Feel your heart expand to embrace the anticipation of the crowd.

Sing from this strong, fearless place. 

Sing from your heart.


Soul Gratitude,

Sarah X

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