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Museflower Life Festival Retreat, Thailand – 6-9 Oct 2017

Soul Writing Workshop @ Museflower Spa

It was so much fun to join the Museflower Spa & Retreat team on peaceful organic farm in Northern Thailand this October. Serenity was the word that arose as I sat for the last gathering in the circle of nine beautiful talented women who shared the Life Festival Retreat where I facilitated Soul Writing workshops last week along with other practitioners who offered a range of wellness modalities. I was honoured to facilitate Soul Writing workshops and I’m intrigued to find out where participants unique imaginations take their stories next – whether on tugs boats born from childhood memories, in the centre of an iceberg or on Monkey Island!

Museflower Life Festival Participants 2017

I encourage participants to continue to use Soul Writing tools to explore what your soul wants to express. Now you have the tools, you can revisit and develop the location at the beginning of your story as well as developing the plot by using these techniques.

For those who did not attend, I will soon be publishing a Soul Writing Online Programme so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. So watch this space. Or sign up to the Soul Writing Newsletter to find out when the next Soul Writing event is running.

Soul Writing Tools – Summary

1 – Breathing technique to still the mind and connect to your intuition & your Soul’s Intention, which you can also think of as your Soul Story theme or the atmosphere for your story. This is the vibration of your story. Write it down and return to it when you want to reignite your drive to write this story. Or you can do the exercise again and discover a new one.

2 – Your Soul Sanctuary or Creative Safe Space – you can return here whenever you want to seek new guidance, ideas, solve writing problems or just hang out with your imagination and play.

3 – Soul Writing Guide – get to know your writing guide and ask their guidance whenever want help with your writing.

Nature Mandala

Thank you everyone who joined the Life Festival. The serene energy we co-created on the Life Festival Retreat will stay with me always. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions –

Soul Gratitude,

Sarah X

Dr Sarah Walton Founder – Soul Writing Intuitive Creative Writing Workshops & Retreats

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