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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside your soul” (Maya Angelou)

I painted this in 2006 when I was unable to paint detail as I was still recovering from brain injury. The concentration required to paint detail gave me a migraine, made me dizzy, my vision blurred and the effort exhausted me so much I had to sleep, but I discovered that if I stopped thinking and trying to reflect the external world on the canvas and instead let the paintbrush be guided by my inner eye, by the feeling the sunset gave me in my heart, I could paint these abstract seascapes.

I had the same symptoms when I tried to write fiction or poetry and I found that, in a similar way to painting using my ‘inner eye’ by switching off the ‘thinking’ part of the brain, I could also write from my inner voice – from the soul as opposed to the intellect. Thanks to the brain injury I discovered Soul Writing. Now I teach others to access and express their soul voice.


Discover the story your soul wants to write with Soul Writing


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