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Saint Valentine the Author

Last year I wrote a fairytale for adults – St Valentine’s story of Wisdom rewritten for the modern heart 💓

St Valentine was a 2nd century Gnostic. Today is his day. Back then they didn’t have cards but they did do flowers and months meditating alone in caves in the desert.

This is Sophia. She’s walking across the desert of her dreams to find the Prince of Diamonds 💎 who seduced her away her father’s palace into a dream. 

Her adventures were written down by St Valentine and preached around the classical world by his followers. 

I’ve re-written this story of the Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom who was banished from the Bible during the councils of Chalcedon, Niccea and Rome in the 4th century AD. I gave her back her voice and am honoured to share this beautiful illustration by artist Tom Walker today on St Valentine’s Day. The novella will be published in March 2019 so you can follow her footsteps on her journey to become wise. 💓


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