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💙 What’s your Big Beach Idea?

Beaches at great for reflecting and the sound of water is naturally relaxing – if you can find a tranquil spot, a bit of shade and lay back and listen to the ocean, the mind is instantly free to wander where it will. Mine often starts to think out of the box on a beach – and I’ve had several ‘beach ideas’ that have turned into reality over the years as long as I make the effort to put those ideas into action in September when I’m back from the hols. This year is no different. One of those ideas is going to be put into action this November. 

💙 What’s your beach 🏖 idea? 💙

And if you can’t find a beach I highly recommend finding a free YouTube video or audio recording of waves on the shore, laying back and imagining a beach. The brain doesn’t differentiate between real life beaches and imaginary beaches in terms of our stress levels decreasing and the freeing effect on our imaginations. So lay back, listen to the sound of the waves lapping the shore and let your mind drift away and imagine the life you would love to live from your inner beach 💙

Soul Wisdom Retreat, Thailand 2019

For those who would like to spend a week focused on imagining and creating a life you love from a place of self love, join me and Tania Ho at Museflower Retreat & Spa in Thailand on the Soul Wisdom Retreat in November 💙 and listen to the sound of the water lapping from the lake outside your retreat cottage after a Solar Massage and a day of soul searching, Soul Writing, meditating, flower essence healing and a swim in a pink Himalayan salt swimming pool at one of Asia’s top Spiritual & Yoga retreat centres (according to SpaAsia Magazine).


More info: Soul Wisdom Retreat 2019 

💙 What’s your big beach 🏖 idea? 💙

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