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Procrastination & Winter Boots

Boot polishing is the form of procrastination I resort to when all other forms of avoidance (ironing, hoovering, mowing the lawn, weeding, bouts of social media distraction, nail painting, and picking my split ends) have failed to result in me finding the solution to a writing problem. For that is what I believe procrastination to be: a way not only of avoiding writing, but a method of giving the brain […]

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Soul Sisterhood – The Healing Power of Collaboration

  As I rest in between collaborating on the Museflower Life Festival Retreat and Soul Bliss Retreat I am reminded of the power of collaboration. When women who are centred in their power come together and join forces with the sole intention of celebrating life they give birth to something extraordinary – an energy is born that is greater than the sum of their parts, a living breathing thing in […]

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Birth, Writing & Rebirth – Finding Wisdom in the Wound

Joint Blog By Sarah Walton and Tania Ho *** Tania and I are soul friends who work together and live on different continents most of the year. We join forces once a year to deliver the Soul Bliss Retreat. Our objective: that participants experience the wholeness of their souls feeling totally blissed out! We exchanged stories of our lives over the past year. This year Tania has become a mother […]

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Losing my Identity, Finding my Self

I was invited to a digital identity event hosted at the Post Office HQ in London to talk about writing this week – so I shared the story about when I lost my identity and didn’t even recognise my own name. I lost the ability to write but what I gained was a deep and grounded sense of self. I remember the nurse standing over me in the hospital – […]

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Discover your Soul Voice

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside your soul” (Maya Angelou) I painted this in 2006 when I was unable to paint detail as I was still recovering from brain injury. The concentration required to paint detail gave me a migraine, made me dizzy, my vision blurred and the effort exhausted me so much I had to sleep, but I discovered that if I stopped thinking […]

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Soul Bliss Retreat 2017 & Featured Blog by Tania Ho

‘Soul Bliss’ is the name Tania Ho (Founder of Museflower Spa) and I gave to our 2017 retreat. The intention was to enable participants to access and express their Soul’s Voice with Soul Writing and Shamanic methods. It was a transformative and inspiring experience. I’d initially approached Tania about running Soul Writing Workshops at Museflower as my intuition knew that this idyllic paradise it Northern Thailand would be an ideal […]

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