Soul Writing with Dr Sarah


Frequent Questions & Meditation Exercise

I begin Soul Writing workshops by asking people why they have joined and what they hope to achieve. The reasons are always different, but there are similarities. Beginners want to give voice to an urge to write, or to find out if they can write. My answer to them is that everyone can write story and poetry if we have language. Professional writers sometimes come with ‘writers’ block’ – or, […]

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Soul Writing Summer Workshop

I was deeply honoured to facilitate the Soul Writing Summer workshop this month. We were a group of five Soul Writers. Here’s what participants said about it: ‘I loved the Soul Writing Workshop and got so much from it. Sarah gently and expertly guided us through meditation to a place deep inside where the ideas and words flowed – and haven’t stopped flowing since!’ Siobhan Curham, Novelist ‘My whole creative side has […]

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Soul Writing Logo

 The “Soul Writing” logo is hand-drawn (digitised by designer Cristina Vanza). I drew the logo on retreat in Thailand in January 2017. I’ve been delivering and developing  “Soul Writing” techniques for some years and wanted a logo that demonstrated the following things: “Soul Writing” courses are guided by the intuition Everyone who has language can write We all have a unique story our souls wish to express (whether to ourselves, […]

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