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Creativity in a time of Crisis

By Dr Sarah Walton, Guest Writer for Wake Up World. I’m a Soul Writing coach. I see writing as a spiritual practice. When we connect to our authentic voice and transform our feelings and imaginative dreams, visions and fantasies into words on the page, something magical happens. By expressing the experiences of our inner worlds and our authentic self, whatever the voice inside us wants to say, we move into […]

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Book Baptism!

Book launches are special parties – I think of them as somewhere between a baptism and a booze up. For a book must be born and as anyone who has written one knows, there is most definitely a labour – and then that joyous moment when you hold your baby in your hands for the first time. SOPHIA’S TALE is is important to me as it was written when I […]

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💙 What’s your Big Beach Idea?

Beaches at great for reflecting and the sound of water is naturally relaxing – if you can find a tranquil spot, a bit of shade and lay back and listen to the ocean, the mind is instantly free to wander where it will. Mine often starts to think out of the box on a beach – and I’ve had several ‘beach ideas’ that have turned into reality over the years […]

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Sophia’s Tale – new book published!

A BOOK WRITTEN FROM THE SOUL IS A QUEST This story started in 2003 and has been part of the winding path of my life for fifteen years. In 2004 I had a brain injury and could no longer write fiction. So I developed a method of writing from the intuition that was less taxing for my brain and during my recovery I wrote Sophia’s Tale. I call this method […]

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Soul Full – AsiaSpa Magazine

Every year I co-facilitate a Spiritual Creative Writing Retreat in Thailand with Tania Ho, Founder of Museflower Retreat & Spa. We call it the Soul Bliss Writing Retreat. Our aim is for guests to feel “blissed out” from the inside out and leave replenished and nurtured by connecting with their creativity, with nature and with themselves. October 2018 – Tania and I were looking forward to welcoming Soul Bliss Retreat […]

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Storytelling at the Petrie Museum for Egyptian Archaeology

This week I ran a Creative Writing Workshop at the Petrie Museum inspired by the migration of people and journeys with the wonderful Helen Pike, who not only has a wide knowledge about Petrie, his life and the extensive collection but also brought along reproductions of objects that produce the sounds of Ancient Roman Egypt for inspiration. We were fourteen and Helen kicked off with an overview of Petrie’s life, […]

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Saint Valentine the Author

Last year I wrote a fairytale for adults – St Valentine’s story of Wisdom rewritten for the modern heart 💓 St Valentine was a 2nd century Gnostic. Today is his day. Back then they didn’t have cards but they did do flowers and months meditating alone in caves in the desert. This is Sophia. She’s walking across the desert of her dreams to find the Prince of Diamonds 💎 who […]

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  As the 42 DAY SOUL WRITING CHALLENGE was auspiciously named after Douglas Adams’ quote in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy: “the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42”, I think it most apt that I missed the deadline and it has actually taken me 54 Days to complete the 2nd draft of my novel The Silk Pavilion. This is in honour of his other famous quote: “I […]

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Procrastination & Winter Boots

Boot polishing is the form of procrastination I resort to when all other forms of avoidance (ironing, hoovering, mowing the lawn, weeding, bouts of social media distraction, nail painting, and picking my split ends) have failed to result in me finding the solution to a writing problem. For that is what I believe procrastination to be: a way not only of avoiding writing, but a method of giving the brain […]

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