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Private Sessions

Private Soul Writing Sessions are tailored for the individual. The aim of a private session is to access the soul’s voice and communicate the story we all carry inside us. Every shift in consciousness, each change within an individual is accompanied by a story or a personal narrative.

Connecting with our intuition and expressing our inner voice with the written word is a deeply liberating and healing experience.

Sarah uses meditation techniques to aid in accessing the intuition, combined with creative writing skills to help shape symbols, feelings, fantasy fragments of story, memories and words into coherent narrative structure that can be developed after the session.

Soul Writing Skills can be used for any form of writing, including songwriting.

Stories Are What Dreams Are Made Of


Private Soul Writing Sessions

90 minutes

2.5 hours

6 sessions (90 mins each)

(Six individual sessions deliver all the essential basic creative writing skills for your toolbox and meditation skills)




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