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Private Soul Writing Sessions and Private Courses are tailored for the individual. Connecting with our intuition and expressing our inner voice with the written word is a deeply liberating and healing experience. 

Some examples of client aims:

  • Access your unique writing voice and communicate the story, blog or writing project they feel is inside you.
  • To unblock a writing block
  • Guidance writing a book, blog, website, articles
  • Finding your Soul Purpose and unblock your life
  • Facilitate the process of asking one’s soul a question – Soul Writing is also a form of Self-Enquiry
  • Journaling or expressing something which wants to be voiced. Every shift in consciousness, each change within an individual is accompanied by a story or a personal narrative. 
  • Singers find your soul voice – Soul Writing Skills can be used for any form of writing, including songwriting.
  • Soul Entrepreneurs – discover your Soul Brand, Mission & Business Story. 

Sarah uses meditation techniques to aid in accessing the intuition, combined with creative writing skills to help shape symbols, feelings, fantasy fragments of story, memories and words into coherent narrative structure that can be developed after the session.

The Soul Writing Method is also effective at accessing any form of creativity, including developing a business or brand aligned to your soul purpose. Sarah’s expertise in branding, digital business and storytelling are a powerful combination to help you build a brand and communicate a mission statement that aligns with your purpose, principles & creative vision. 

Stories Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Private Soul Writing Sessions

  • 60 mins (£90)
  • 90 mins (£125)
  • 2.5 hours (£195)
  • 6 sessions (90 mins each) Range from £700 – £1600, depending on the programme (see below).

All include personalised meditations to unlock your unique creativity.




Soul Writing Private Courses 2020

Learn to Write from your Intuition

Develop a Business aligned with your Soul Purpose

Create the Life you Love to Live

Private Courses (121 and tailored for you individually). Foundation & Intermediate Courses run for 6 sessions over 12 weeks or 6 weeks. Fees below are based on Skype / Lewes.







Soul Writing tools, meditation techniques for writing, learn to listen to the intuition, write from your authentic self, discover your soul voice


90 mins
6 sessions over 12 weeks



For people who are at a crossroads, who are lost, or who need direction. This course is for pathfinders who have some experience of their soul’s calling already and wish to work deeper.

Includes 2 FREE GIFTS (Worth £144)


6 x Sessions (90 mins) over 6 weeks



Live the life your Soul wants to Live in Abundance.
Builds on Foundation courses. 


2 hours/
6 sessions over 12 weeks



Private Soul Retreat

For those who feel empty, have lost their zest for life or lost contact with their self.

Do you put yourself last? Do you focus on others’ needs before your own? 

Includes 3 FREE GIFTS (Worth £163)


2 hours/
6 sessions over 12 weeks





For conscious businesses. Develop a brand, mission statement, and strategic approach to communications online and offline that aligns with your soul purpose.


2 hours/ 8 sessions.
Duration flexible.



Integrate Soul Writing into your life as a Spiritual Practice.

For Soul Writers who have completed 1 Foundation & 1 Intermediate course.


90 mins/
12 sessions over 6 months


To Book:

Soul Writing Private Sessions

Private Sessions are on a 121 basis and tailored to your individual needs. 

Session Type






Private Long single session


Learn the 3 Core Soul Writing tools

2.5 hrs


Private taster session (90)


Taster covering 1 – 2 tools depending on time

90 mins


Private single follow up (90)

Ideal if you have covered the basic tools and want to practice & develop your writing skills

90 mins


Private single taster session (60)

Taster session

60 mins



To Book:


  • Private single sessions (60/90 mins) are perfect if you want to book separate sessions and build at your own pace. 
  • Long private session is designed for people who would like to acquire the 3 core Soul Writing Tools and go deep into their intuitive practice quicker.
  • Payment methods: UK GBP bank transfer. Transferwise (please add relevant exchange rate if exchanging currency), Paypal (for full GDP equivalent). 
  • Soul Writing is not therapy, nor an alternative to therapy. Dr Sarah Walton is not a medical professional.


To Book:


Soul Writing is not therapy, nor an alternative to therapy.
Sarah Walton trading as Soul Writing operates under UK Jurisdiction

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Dr Sarah’s Lotus Flower Goddess Bath Meditation created for the Self Love Course