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Dr Sarah Walton

Dr Sarah Walton is an author, creative writing teacher and soul mentor.
She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Hull in the UK, where she teaches creative writing on the MA Creative Writing Online and has 25 years training and practice in meditation techniques and healing modalities, such as Deeksha, tarot reading, intuition training & 25 years experience in coaching in corporate and wellbeing environments.

Her Soul Writing approach to writing – and scripting your life – include meditation techniques which unleash the imagination with speed. Sarah developed Soul Writing, an approach to writing from the intuition that combines meditation, free-writing techniques, stream of consciousness and traditional creative writing skills for beginners, singer songwriters, as well as professional writers of all kinds experiencing ‘writers’ block.’

Sarah also holds a Masters Degree in Digital Media from London University of the Arts and advises governments and corporate organisations on digital strategy, corporate storytelling to develop powerful brand stories, and digital missions that put the user at the heart of their organisation’s story.

Sarah taught herself to meditate at the age of 15 years to overcome asthma attacks and manage trauma. Since then she has trained for over 25 years with a number of gurus/lamas/ teachers as well as conducting her own research into ancient Gnostic meditation.

Sarah’s most recent novels, Rufius. Rufius (long-listed for the Polari First Book Award 2017) and Sophia’s Talewere both influenced by her research into ancient Gnostic meditation techniques.

Sarah believes that everyone has a story within them, a story their soul yearns to tell. She sees her job as facilitating writers to access their soul story and write the story that wants to be written.

Sarah developed Soul Living & Soul Business to guide Soulpreneurs and people who want to align their life and/or business to their soul purpose. Both use the Soul Writing technique to connect you to your intuition and let your soul guide your choices.

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