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Soul Writing takes Soul Writers on a personal soul journey beyond their writing and into their inner world. Writing is used as an anchor to translate the inner voice, or soul voice which speaks in feelings, images and sensations into words. Our Soul Journeys are personal to us. Sarah guides Soul Adventurers in workshops, courses and private sessions to travel to places deep within their inner worlds that bring back messages and guidance that is personal to the individual. Soul Journeys can connect the traveller to the collective, to the archetypal sea of knowing both beyond and part of the individual. Soul Journeys can plug the traveller back into the soul of the universe. Many people report a sense of ‘coming home.’

We also create wonderful stories. Here we publish the soul work of brave pilgrim writers who have dared to share their inner journeys. Travel with them into the multidimensional worlds of the soul, beyond the time-space continuum of our physical existence. Read on and enjoy the journey!

My Soul Sanctuary – by Tania Ho, Intuitive Soul Guide Founder & Owner of Museflower Retreat & Spa

I am by the pink sand beach with the forever sunset sky of pink, dusted with hues of yellow, orange, lavender and soft blue in the background. The ocean is pink with a tint of turquoise. Gentle waves are washing the shore. 

I’m sitting on the beach looking out to the horizon. I’m in between dimensions, worlds and realms. Not too far behind the beach there’s a Moroccan style lounge area to rest for a cup of mint tea and to chill if needed. This has always been my deepest soul sanctuary. This is where magic happens.

As I’m sitting on this beautiful pink sand beach, I realize this is my inner temple. It exists beyond time and space. The color of the sky changes according to my mood and what I need to hear from this space. 

Far away in the pink turquoise crystal clear ocean, whales and dolphins swim elegant and playful, passing between different dimensions with ease as they share their soul songs with all living beings.

At the back of the beach, a vast land awaits to be crafted based on my soul’s needs and guidance. The Moroccan lounge houses my most treasured guests – my spirit guides and guardian angels. There’s also a bonfire on the grass under the night sky behind the beach where we can sit in a circle and take turns to share our soul stories.

This soul space floats in the deepest chamber of my heart. Whenever I want to reconnect with true peace this is where I come. 

As I gaze out across the horizon of the ocean, I see islands, worlds, planets, realms and dimensions floating in the distance. I’m far away from everything, at a safe distance to observe. Sitting next to me on the pink sand beach today is my Goddess spirit guide “O”. 

“O” is my future self, my past self and my current self all merged into one. She’s the wisest version of me. Today she wears a long white cotton dress with beautiful intricate lace details. 

“You are ready, Tania. You are always ready. You just need to trust yourself.” 

She holds my hand gently as we both sit and look at the sun and the sky. 

“Just go for it,” she nods, reassuring me that I’m not alone. 

I am never alone. 

My Soul Giftsby Amanda Bate, Dynamic Laughter Coach
Dynamic Laughter Journeys & Inspired Chocolate Events

My excitement spilled over as I catapulted myself, skipped and back-flipped through the yellow gate and into the open depths of my beautiful field of stunning, multi-coloured wild flowers.

I smiled joyfully as the flowers trickled through my fingers and I carried on forward to the wooden door surrounded by more colour and life.

As I stepped through the door, I inhaled a rainbow of colours and then noticed my feet – I was walking on a path through the woods. I came across a sarcophagus, a huge tomb with a lid made of slate or steel (I’d seen it on my previous visits to this space). As before, I felt ill at ease and uncomfortable. I asked why the tomb was there. The response came: ‘It is here to store and protect your ideas and self.’ 

I replied: ‘Thank you and I send much love to you but I want to let that go now. I want to share my ideas with the world and be creative and open. Yet with the solid, grounded strength and power of an ancient tree revealing the beauty of its branches and leaves fully to the sky.’

The heavy grey slate was lifted away and I glimpsed the beauty that lay around me and between the gaps. I encouraged any residue to be taken by the universe. I climbed into my beautiful ancient tree and sat in the groove at the top with my back against a giant branch and my legs dangling either side of me. The area around me was a universe of beautiful petals, subtle lights and colours. I was in a sky of inspiration and creativity that had no edges. I rested and was held in the beauty of the surroundings and the ever-living, infinite world of my tree.

It feels joyful and safe and utterly wonderful sitting here in my tree. I know there is nature around me and I can step into that too if I want. This is fully my space of inspiration, support and nurturing that is no longer blocked. It feels complete and expansive. 

I was handed a pink heart by Sarah that I infused into my chest with the white light of love. This gift filled my whole system with a shiver and I moved the energy down to my fingertips in order to write about my soulful exploration.

I now have a space I feel fully at home in and where I can access the other gifts I have been given along my journey – including the book of wisdomthat I can tap into at any time and my 360° vision into other peoples lives and situations.

Filemina, The Dragon Queenby Azmina Keshani,
Healer & Lawyer

Filemina travelled through the dry hot winds of Melaxtora – where the Condors fly and the Pumas race – in search of the Sapphire of Melaxtora. 

Travelling through the arid lands felt arduous, as it is a long journey before Filemina could fill up on water. The scenery of these lands is beautiful. The earth is red from the copper and iron. You can hear the hiss of every snake and the purrs of the pumas. When the wind whistles through the valleys you can hear the winds howl. It feels like there is no one but the Condors coasting on those winds. 

There are a sentient population there as well though. They are not humans and not dragons but a something in between. They live in the tunnels of the valleys. These shy beings prefer not to come out during the day and only come out during the night. Their energy sources are the rays of moonlight and the lava at the core of the earth. 

The dragon-people were a co-creation from the love of a human and a dragon – twin flames that found each other. Now twin flames cannot be lovers and cannot live or be with one another. Their love for one another is not meant for this world and can only reconnect in the spiritual world yet this pair found each other as different beings and could only be with each other. They did not repel each other or cause strain or push each other of their chosen life path.  Somehow they made each other’s life better and had to be together. 

These first twin flames were an Alchemist and a Scientist. They could not consummate their love but were able to incarnate the life-keeping spiritual knowledge of the dragon and the compassion of the human. The Dragon-people have given us so much with all their creations both scientific and alchemical.  We will come back to the dragon humans later though.

Filemina succeeded in retrieving the ancient sapphire. The blue light shone bright and as she came close she could hear it vibrate. Her dragon body vibrated with the energy pulsing through her. She could sense the age of the stone, made before time itself and holding such power that could only be wielded by a few strong beings. She knew then that it would take power that she did not possess alone to harness the Sapphire of Melaxtora.

My Soul Sanctuary & the Help Concept – by Hayley McDonnell, Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC) Consultant
Creator of SMSC Leader Programme:

The theme of outside/inside has been core feature in every aspect of my life.  A bold claim I know, but one that I’m going to make anyway. So how does outside/inside relate to my soul writing experience – and more importantly, how has it helped me in my life?

The concept of help ties all of humanity and nature together. Help we give, help we need but do not get, help we offer that is refused, the type of help we need but do not know.  But if all help is welcomed, it might prevent personal learning and self-development or awareness; the adage of learning from mistakes springs to mind.  Oh, my mind is fizzing with what to write and where to go next but in an attempt to avoid digression, I return to my outside/inside theme (the irony of how it relates to the help concept).

The spiritual essence of my Soul Writing experience was a journey, one that I could and can still return to at any time should the external factors allow.  Soul writing as a tool to allow you to connect with you – the freedom to do that within parameters of soothing and safe guidance. My soul writing experience took me metaphorically and spiritually to a place where I could see my Mum.  My Mum has passed so even despite the Soul Writing Journey, physically I will not see her again in this guise.  My soul sanctuary may be understood as heaven if we perceive it to be an afterlife to connect again with those who have deceased.  Or maybe even moksha if one prefers the perpetual re-birth of all life that we see so abundantly in nature. I’m not sure what my thoughts on that are yet.  What I do know however was that this first encounter was a surprise for me.  I think about my Mum on a regular basis and this is coupled with the constant reminders in, at times a hum-drum lifestyle.  I don’t need to take part in any spiritual practice to feel that connection. My soul sanctuary experience was and is different, however.  It is a place of natural beauty and calm.  It is a place with abundant space above, around – everywhere.  It is a place that is un-tainted and can never be spoiled. It is heaven-like if one is to refer to Christian literature.

I believe, because of this overwhelming sense of serenity and peace, my inner soul reached out to something that I was yearning for deep down, but deliberately squashed.  I liken it to cold wet sand that is impossible to penetrate unless you have the right tools, like soul writing and guidance into your soul sanctuary or happy place.  

Connection with my Mum is my innermost yearning and there she was. Behind me, in front of me. I couldn’t get away. I didn’t want to get away. The surprise took my breath away and was juxtaposed with a feeling of thrill and elation. I didn’t know to say, how long we would have, could even communicate. 

I turned away and looked at an expanse of blue sea, touching a blue sky reminiscent of a Palma vista. I re-set myself and took control of the moment and accepted it for what is was, what I wanted and then calmly and safely left.

All past tense as I return the to the other world: a deliberate choice of other rather than real as this would presume my experience was not real. So, what happens next, now, whenever I want?  And so, to today. My soul sanctuary is mine, my piece of Paradise, my Garden of Eden. I can go there If I want and my Mums is always there.  We are tentatively taking steps towards communicating with worlds. A presence and a knowledge of her presence at this stage is enough. 

The questions I had for my mum while she was still alive remain. I am building my confidence to ask and get the answers. The questions are painful and the answers I suspect with probably hurt even more.  I have embraced some of these questions as part of the grief counselling process, which I suspect is why I’m not ready to ask them.  I know my mum anyway; I know the way to approach this. This is a journey, itself and I am right at the beginning. I’m both scared and excited to got back inside my soul sanctuary. Excited because of its natural beauty, its overwhelming sense of peace calm ultimate serenity; its heady scent of flowers, its warmth, the space. Oh the space! But scared because I know that every time I take a step inside, I will be one step closer to asking and receiving possibly, no definitely, something I don’t want to hear. It’s physical that feeling of rejection, unrequited love but then so is the closeness, the developed understanding we share that is getting more visceral daily.  

My Soul Sanctuary is my safe space and know that the outcome I yearn for will appear at exactly the right time, when we are both ready. I will know when it is time to take the ultimate step to restart a new journey.

The biggest takeaway for me comes back to motherhood, the most important role I have encountered and I know the great sages through time have used their literary prowess to extoll the language of love, but unfortunately for me I am not one of these literary greats. My feelings of love for them would never do it justice, so I we will have to rely on those referred to whilst I merely state the facts that I am mother to two daughters. The only thing that scares me is breaking the bond that we have and physically there is only one thing that will inevitably mean happens. I can now begin a journey of Soul Sanctuary with them so that they are fully aware and prepared for this connection to remain forever. As children they are receptive to new things, and I am overt in my attempts to connect with them spirituality as part of regular practice – for example the sense of awe and wonder at nature and using our five senses to describe it and always completing our description with how we feel, what we are thinking about, encouraging them to think of a sense of ‘other.’  This sense of wonder is my gateway into them reaching their Soul Sanctuary when they are ready. This is the greatest gift I can share with them.

Thank you, Sarah.

My Soul Vacation during COVID Lockdown by Maren Lange,
Fashion Expert & Intuitive Light Worker

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in Germany. It is April 2020. The world is in lockdown for a few weeks. We’re in quarantine to prevent the virus Sars-Cov-2 spreading. It’s like the country is in a WINTER SLEEP. I am happy to live countryside and able to take long walks and bicycle rides through nature. 

It’s great to spend quality time and get to know nature more, I am thinking while I walk through the fields. The birds are singing and swirling and floating. And all the flowers and trees along the side of the roads, that I haven’t paid much attention to before come into full view. It is quite meditative, I think. No wonder, walking meditation has become popular. You walk and let you mind wander as well … it feels nice. And while I walk, I start to daydream. 

It is nice to be here, in nature … but how would it be to be on vacation again? I used to travel a lot before the lockdown. Exploring the world, new cultures and different food. Well … that might take some time. How about exploring your own country a bit?  Maybe by train, I think to myself. And in my imagination, I start packing my bags and realize I am smiling and my mind starts drifting again. 

I find myself surrounded by loads of different birds.  Some are colourful, some have tiny eyes some are big and round. Some have a long beak; some are rather short. But they all look at me in a very friendly, kind, almost loving way. I enjoy their company, their friendliness. I wonder, why do I find myself surrounded by hundreds different birds? What is the purpose of my visit? Is it to enjoy the beautiful sound they make or is it the endless diversity that there is …

After a while I realize, I am at the dead end of a field and I have to turn around and walk back towards reality. What a blissful short vacation I’ve been on!

My Soul Trip & Alfredo the Fox by Leigh Martin
Acupuncture Practitioner & Soul Writer –

Alfredo the Fox is waiting for me as I step through the golden door. I am entering a mountain range, breathtakingly beautiful yet brutal. Steep rock formations rise up into the heavens, towering above. Two birds, predators, circle in the air calling to each other. It is a bright warm day and there’s a cooling breeze. The terrain is awash with all kinds of heather and bracken, releasing tiny flowers of many colours, creating an undulating feeling thanks to the breeze.

Alfredo looks a little impatient, we have someplace to go,I feel him say. 

There is a path curling away in front of us. Alfredo turns to walk down it and I follow. We walk slowly together for about half an hour, giving me time to take in the rugged vision as it unravels in front of me. The mountains are stunning in their presence and harsh in their action of being, having withheld many years of existing and maintaining supremacy.  I am aware they could consume a person whole and that danger lies here, but today I am safe. I am on a special trip! 

I ask Alfredo where he is taking me, but he does not speak again. A fox of few words; he is my kinda guy. After a short time, I notice the temperature drop a little and as we turn a bend there it is. A great expanse of shimmer and light – a huge lake. Alfredo makes his way down to the water’s edge with ease, lucky nimble fox he is on his four legs. I scramble down on my two. 

The water is like glass, completely still bar the odd ripple now and again, probably a fish taking air. The mountains above reflect their mirror image into the water upside down: a striking illusion. A reflection of what is real, into what is not real and back again, like two mirrors facing each other. Where does one start and the other end I wonder? I step closer to this image and see myself. Alfredo stands beside me and we both look at our other selves; we stare into a reflection of our reflection.  There is such peace here, yet the water is screaming for me to enter. Its demand is almost deafening in the silence. I do not need to consider this for long, as swimming is one of my favourite things. I eagerly take off all my clothes, leaving them on a rock. As I do so I find a pair of goggles in a pocket – it’s so obvious I was meant to be here. 

The air is fresh on my bare skin. I gingerly step forwards placing my toes, feet then ankles into the water. It is icy cold but I do not care. I look over my shoulder to see Alfredo watching. 

“Are you coming?” I ask. 

He sits on the edge and gives his head a tiny shake signifying, No

The water is deep almost straight away. I take a few slow long breaths in anticipation, count myself to three and that’s it. I’m in! Completely submerged and as I swim back up to the surface, the cold hits and it’s hard to breathe. I am gasping for air and breath, but at the same time adrenaline rushes through my body. I feel a rush of blood, a pop and crackle in my head, then tingling all over. What danger and what sweet joy. I swish around as fast as I can in the water, acclimatising myself to this cold. My body is forced to adjust to this unexpected event, following its primal instinct to survive. My soul soars with the beauty of it, the buzz of it, the sheer wildness of this moment. I start to swim. At first it’s a challenge, but then I start to feel as if I am gliding through the water; swimming when done right is pure connection, movement connecting to environment.  I am at one with the water, consumed by its crystal clearness. The joy of moving freely, weightless, limitless. The lake is surrounded by mountains, a tough looming backdrop to this cold, watery domain. Alfredo sits patiently at the water’s edge and watches me. 

I call out to him and ask, “Why am I here Alfredo?” 

I feel him say, do not ask me a question you know the answer to already. Can’t you feel it?

And the answer is of course, YES I CAN!

Meeting my Soul Guide – White Tiger by Maren Lange,
Fashion Expert & Intuitive Light Worker

I wander through the streets in our village. It is late, almost midnight. I look up into the sky. It’s crystal clear and I see millions of stars, shiny and bright. I stop to look at Venus and the vast variety of little sparks up there, which are unknown to most of us down here on this planet. It is amazing how many stars are up there … so many and we know so little, I think as I stand still and stare up at them. 

Two stars spark my intention, catch my eye and make me hold my breath. They seem to look at me, in a conscious way. Is this really true or am I dreaming? I narrow my eyes to a slit so I can see more clearly. Yes! Those two stars are looking at me. They belong to an white tiger. He is beautiful, elegant, regal. 

White Tiger looks at me with his star-like, sparkling blue eyes. Quietly he holds my gaze without blinking or moving. I realize that am still holding my breath in fascination and think to myself: is he breathing? He looks so quiet almost unreal, but I know he is real. 

I ask him, ‘How are you? What is your name? why are you here…?’

White Tiger blinks, turns his head. Now I hear him breathing. 

Then he fades. The next thing, my guide is gone. And now I am looking into the big, wise eyes of an owl that look at me as quietly as the tiger did before. 

Owls tend not to blink, so we keep looking at each other, forever it seems – without blinking or breathing or thinking. It feels like my feet lost grip on the Earth and I am floating, drifting. I close my eyes. I feel safe. I feel good. I feel like having a refreshing afternoon doze. I know, this won’t last forever, but I really, really enjoy it. 

Slowly, I open one eye and then another and the face of the owl fades, evaporates. What’s left in its place is a white circular cloud of smoke – smoke rings! The smoke of my peace pipe. 

I sigh and continue walking; it’s late. I should get going. But I leave with a deep knowing: I am safe, I am whole and I am loved … I don’t know how, but I know.