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I CAN – Self belief is the most powerful tool we have

ON 8 February 2004 I had an accident that would change my life. I was knocked unconscious by a chunk of Cornish slate which resulted in brain injury – that included loss of language, the inability to perform basic tasks – and to my horror, I could no longer write. Writing is my passion and in one foul swoop the dream of being a published writer was taken away from me.

I want to share with you one of the beliefs I chose to support my recovery: “ I CAN”

If anyone out there is stuck, feeling like they can’t or just needs a leg up, Self Belief is the most powerful tool we have.

Today I have published that book and developed the method I discovered to write again for others. I call it “Soul Writing” and it would never have been discovered from within myself if I hadn’t forced myself to believe this simple thing: “I CAN”

Every time you find yourself saying, “ I can’t,” change the mantra. Say instead, “I CAN”

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