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Our souls contain a universe waiting to be expressed

On my return flight to the UK after nearly two months travelling I looked out of the airplane window and saw a reflection of the peace and fullness of my soul in the stars. It started with an Equinox pilgrimage to the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, a powerful energy point on the planet, then on to the South of France to paint and contemplate the ocean; and finally to Asia to deliver soul writing workshops and retreats. It is always an honour to facilitate fellow pilgrims to access their soul’s voice and witness the beautiful stories & transformation that follows. I’d had the honour of running the first ‘Soul Bliss Retreat’ with Tania Ho, founder of  Museflower Spa, which was deeply transformative. In the night sky from the airplane window the blissful state of my soul was reflected – weeks earlier I’d laid on my back under the same sky facilitating a Soul Writing exercise to discover new stories in the stars. The memory was like magic stardust. My journey was complete and as I gazed out the window at a reflection of my soul’s delight I thanked the stars for generously gifting me so much magic and so many beautiful soul connections.

Our souls contain a universe waiting to be experienced and expressed. Everytime I facilitate Soul Writing Workshops and private sessions I am reminded of the magic stardust we carry around within us. The Soul Bliss Retreat came into being from Tania and I expressing our soul’s goal: to help other people connect to their Soul’s Voice.

Can’t wait until the 2018 Soul Bliss Retreat ✨✨✨

Soul Gratitude,

Sarah X

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